You must have an x86_64 system with virtualization selected in the BIOS to run the Enhanced IP VMs.


  1. Download the most recent copy of Virtualbox from here:
    VirtualBox Download

  2. Download All of these four Ubuntu Enhanced IP Virtual Machines from here:
    (Note: you must have all four running to demostrate Enhanced IP)

  3. Import all four .ova files into Virtualbox. To do this do the following inside Virtualbox:
    File->Import Appliance

    Do not select Reinitialize Mac Addresses.
    For interface 3, set it to bridged on whatever network card connects to the Internet.

  4. The password is password on all systems except for N2 which the password is password99 We recommend changing it after booted.

    All systems have a user named user with a password of password. For the demo it won't be necessary to
    login to N1 and N2. To get to root, type sudo /bin/bash. The password will be password or password99

  5. Start all four virtual machines and wait for them to boot. When you power on IMPORT-N2 it will prompt you with the following message:
    "Could not start the machine IMPORT-N2 because the following physical network interfaces were not found: TP-LINK 300Mbps Wireless N Adapter #2 (adapter 3)
    You can either change the machine's network settings or stop the machine." Choose "Change Network Settings" choose the "Adapter 3" tab. In the Name field
    choose the adapter that your Internet traffic routes out of.
  6. Login to EIP1 as user.
  7. Login to a remote system over Enhanced IP. ssh [email protected]
  8. View a web page over Enhanced IP. Open Firefox. Surf to

To see the NAT transformation of the Enhanced IP packets do the following:

  1. login to N1 and start wireshark
  2. login to EIP1and ssh [email protected]